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Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Anyone in here have an idea to have their wedding ceremony without using a wedding shoes ? Well, of course the answer is a no, unless you are an incredibly unique person maybe you will take the risk of not using any wedding shoes on your wedding ceremony. Because in fact, a pair of wedding shoes is a really important complementary factor in our wedding, and the wedding outfit will not be complete if we have the dress but we do not use any shoes, it is just sound a bit silly right. So since wedding shoes is such an essential factors it is best if we can choose the best wedding shoes possible that match our taste and our budget. We have to match it with our budget too because some shoes can be incredibly expensive especially if they are coming from a prominent designer.

    Picking a designer wedding shoes may be a little bit pricey but you can guarantee the quality of the product, and not to mention the prestige value that can boost your confidence level among your peers. So in this ocassion we would like to share you our informations that we have about various wedding shoes designer, so let's check out our designer wedding shoes right away !

    We would like to start our list with Jimmy Choo, almost every woman about this name. Because Jimmy Choo is a popular brand worldwide and one of the brand that has largest collection of wedding shoes. So when you are deciding on where to start to find a good shoes, try by looking at Jimmy Choo collections because they provide you a wide range of options.

    Our next lists are Christian Louboutin and Brian Atwood. For Christian Louboutin no words needed to explain about the popularity, because Christian Louboutin is known as one the most famous shoe designers. Even celebrity like Hillary Duff chose Christian Louboutin shoes for her wedding shoes. Meanwhile for Brian Atwood it is Sarah J. Parker, one of the celebrities that already use the collections. Not to mention that the most famous work from Brian Atwood “The maniac pump” numerously seen on the red carpet, and now has been produced to various different colors.